Dividend Stock Calendar

Jan 13

Ticker Company Amount Per Share
BKU BankUnited Inc. $0.84
DGX Quest Diagnostics Incorporated $2.12
LSI Life Storage Inc. $4.00

Jan 14

Ticker Company Amount Per Share
BELFB Bel Fuse Inc. Class B Common Stock $0.28
MIN MFS Intermediate Income Trust $0.34
NKG Nuveen Georgia Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.44
RGCO RGC Resources Inc. $0.66
NVG Nuveen AMT-Free Municipal Credit Income Fund $0.79
NNY Nuveen New York Municipal Value Fund Inc. $0.36
VTN Invesco Trust for Investment Grade New York Municipals $0.61
BTA BlackRock Long-Term Municipal Advantage Trust of Beneficial Interest $0.61
MUI Blackrock Muni Intermediate Duration Fund Inc $0.53
MAA Mid-America Apartment Communities Inc. $3.84
NXQ Nuveen Select Tax Free Income Portfolio II $0.50
BNY BlackRock New York Municipal Income Trust $0.56
VMO Invesco Municipal Opportunity Trust $0.61
BKN BlackRock Investment Quality Municipal Trust Inc. (The) $0.68
DMF Dreyfus Municipal Income Inc. $0.42
NAN Nuveen New York Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.58
BFZ BlackRock California Municipal Income Trust $0.54
BOE Blackrock Enhanced Global Dividend Trust of Beneficial Interest $0.76
NOM Nuveen Missouri Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.52
ABT Abbott Laboratories $1.28
NXP Nuveen Select Tax Free Income Portfolio $0.55
VGM Invesco Trust for Investment Grade Municipals (DE) $0.62
BELFA Bel Fuse Inc. Class A Common Stock $0.28
NKX Nuveen California AMT-Free Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.62
BYM Blackrock Municipal Income Quality Trust of Beneficial Interest $0.62
NMI Nuveen Municipal Income Fund Inc. $0.43
MCR MFS Charter Income Trust $0.71
NXR Nuveen Select Tax Free Income Portfolio III $0.52
BFO Blackrock Florida Municipal 2020 Term Trust $0.31
NCA Nuveen California Municipal Value Fund Inc. $0.34
BHV BlackRock Virginia Municipal Bond Trust $0.65
VPV Invesco Pennsylvania Value Municipal Income Trust (DE) $0.63
NEA Nuveen AMT-Free Quality Municipal Income Fund of Beneficial Interest Par Value $.01 $0.64
BAF BlackRock Municipal Income Investment Quality Trust $0.69
MNE Blackrock Muni New York Intermediate Duration Fund Inc $0.46
NXC Nuveen California Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio $0.51
IQI Invesco Quality Municipal Income Trust $0.61
NQP Nuveen Pennsylvania Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.60
JPC Nuveen Preferred & Income Opportunities Fund $0.73
DSM Dreyfus Strategic Municipal Bond Fund Inc. $0.42
BKK Blackrock Municipal 2020 Term Trust $0.48
JFR Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund $0.73
NUO Nuveen Ohio Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.53
BDJ Blackrock Enhanced Equity Dividend Trust $0.56
MMT MFS Multimarket Income Trust $0.50
NPV Nuveen Virginia Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.52
SJR Shaw Communications Inc. $0.89
FUNC First United Corporation $0.40
UTF Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund Inc $1.86
BFY BlackRock New York Municipal Income Trust II $0.59
ARR ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc. $2.22
EGBN Eagle Bancorp Inc. $0.66
BZM BlackRock Maryland Municipal Bond Trust of beneficial interest $0.55
NTX Nuveen Texas Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.53
JRO Nuveen Floating Rate Income Opportuntiy Fund Shares of Beneficial Interest $0.73
BLE BlackRock Municipal Income Trust II $0.70
NMY Nuveen Maryland Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.53
MGF MFS Government Markets Income Trust $0.34
NZF Nuveen Municipal Credit Income Fund $0.80
BBK Blackrock Municipal Bond Trust $0.71
BQH Blackrock New York Municipal Bond Trust of Beneficial Interest $0.56
NXN Nuveen New York Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio $0.48
NMZ Nuveen Municipal High Income Opportunity Fund $0.01 par value per share $0.71
FCX Freeport-McMoRan Inc. $0.20
BSD BlackRock Strategic Municipal Trust Inc. (The) $0.68
OIA Invesco Municipal Income Opportunities Trust $0.38
CMTL Comtech Telecommunications Corp. $0.40
CAC Camden National Corporation $1.20
IIM Invesco Value Municipal Income Trust $0.71
NUV Nuveen Municipal Value Fund Inc. $0.37
CXH MFS Investment Grade Municipal Trust $0.46
NSL Nuveen Senior Income Fund $0.44
RA Brookfield Real Assets Income Fund Inc. $2.39
BTT BlackRock Municipal 2030 Target Term Trust $0.75
CMC Commercial Metals Company $0.48
NAC Nuveen California Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.65
WGO Winnebago Industries Inc. $0.44
AVK Advent Claymore Convertible Securities and Income Fund $1.41
DTF DTF Tax-Free Income Inc. $0.45
NXJ Nuveen New Jersey Qualified Municipal Fund $0.65
NAD Nuveen Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.64
TRN Trinity Industries Inc. $0.64
BSE Blackrock New York Municipal Income Quality Trust of Beneficial Interest $0.49
JPS Nuveen Preferred & Income Securities Fund $0.70
NUM Nuveen Michigan Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.53
MVO MV Oil Trust $1.25
SBR Sabine Royalty Trust $3.41
ABBV AbbVie Inc. $4.28
CXE MFS High Income Municipal Trust $0.27
MFM MFS Municipal Income Trust $0.33
NAZ Nuveen Arizona Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.52
NMT Nuveen Massachusetts Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.49
AFG American Financial Group Inc. $1.60
IEX IDEX Corporation $1.93
BFK BlackRock Municipal Income Trust $0.73
JQC Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund Shares of Beneficial Interest $1.23
NIM Nuveen Select Maturities Municipal Fund $0.32
CHCO City Holding Company $2.16
NRO Neuberger Berman Real Estate Securities Income Fund Inc. $0.48
CLM Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund Inc. $2.65
NRK Nuveen New York AMT-Free Quality Municipal Income Fund $0.54
BBF BlackRock Municipal Income Investment Trust $0.70
CMU MFS Municipal Income Trust $0.25
GIM Templeton Global Income Fund Inc. $0.40
LEO Dreyfus Strategic Municipals Inc. $0.42

Jan 15

Ticker Company Amount Per Share
GGN GAMCO Global Gold Natural Resources & Income Trust $0.60
GLU Gabelli Global Utility of Beneficial Ownership $1.20
CODI Compass Diversified Holdings Shares of Beneficial Interest $1.44
RPM RPM International Inc. $1.41
WSO Watsco Inc. $6.25
GDV Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust of Beneficial Interest $1.32
ACN Accenture plc Class A (Ireland) $2.92
KYN Kayne Anderson MLP Investment Company $1.56
ALG Alamo Group Inc. $0.47

Jan 16

Ticker Company Amount Per Share
SSW Seaspan Corporation $0.50
GLBZ Glen Burnie Bancorp $0.40
WDFC WD-40 Company $2.44
ZTS Zoetis Inc. Class A $0.66
BPT BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust $3.28
AKO.A Embotelladora Andina S.A. $0.91
PKI PerkinElmer Inc. $0.28
FL Foot Locker Inc. $1.48
GD General Dynamics Corporation $3.99
MEI Methode Electronics Inc. $0.44
EME EMCOR Group Inc. $0.32
AFT Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund Inc. $1.19
KWR Quaker Chemical Corporation $1.51
CMD Cantel Medical Corp. $0.20
PCF Putnam High Income Securities Fund $0.32
ECOL US Ecology Inc. $0.72
PNC PNC Financial Services Group Inc. (The) $4.20
ENIA Enel Americas S.A. American Depositary Shares $0.49
MGRC McGrath RentCorp $1.46
EOG EOG Resources Inc. $1.02
OXM Oxford Industries Inc. $1.29
CBRL Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc. $5.10
AKO.B Embotelladora Andina S.A. $1.00
AYI Acuity Brands Inc (Holding Company) $0.52
PBHC Pathfinder Bancorp Inc. $0.24
BFS Saul Centers Inc. $2.12

Jan 17

Ticker Company Amount Per Share
KTF Deutsche Municiple Income Trust $0.55
GGG Graco Inc. $0.64
MHI Pioneer Municipal High Income Trust of Beneficial Interest $0.64
AGD Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund Shares of Beneficial Interest $0.78
KSM Deutsche Strategic Municiple Income Trust of Beneficial Interest $0.60
IGR CBRE Clarion Global Real Estate Income Fund $0.60
FAX Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund Inc $0.37
MAV Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Trust of Beneficial Interest $0.52
DIA SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average $6.09
AOD Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund $0.69
CAT Caterpillar Inc. $3.61
FCO Aberdeen Global Income Fund Inc. $0.91
PKE Park Electrochemical Corporation $0.40

Jan 21

Ticker Company Amount Per Share
WERN Werner Enterprises Inc. $0.36

Jan 24

Ticker Company Amount Per Share
TRTX TPG RE Finance Trust Inc. $1.72
DGRW WisdomTree U.S. Quality Dividend Growth Fund $1.06

Jan 27

Ticker Company Amount Per Share
CP Canadian Pacific Railway Limited $2.23
GE General Electric Company $0.04
NYMT New York Mortgage Trust Inc. $0.80

Jan 28

Ticker Company Amount Per Share
CM Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce $4.21
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