Greenlight Capital Re Ltd - Class A (GLRE) Dividend History

Greenlight Capital is a hedge fund founded in 1996 by David Einhorn. Greenlight invests primarily in publicly traded North American corporate debt offerings and equities. Greenlight is most notable for its short selling of Lehman stock prior to Lehman Brothers' collapse in 2008 and the $11 million fine they received in January 2012 for insider trading in the UK. Einhorn remains the fund's manager. Founded in 1996 by Einhorn, with $900,000 , Greenlight had generated greater than a twenty-five percent annualized net return for its investors, but recent lackluster results have brought this to under fifteen percent It prospered in its early days by identifying weak financial firms for short selling, making significant gains from Conseco, CompuCredit, Sirrom Capital, and Resource America. It also manages a fund of funds and a private equity fund through its affiliates, Greenlight Masters and Greenlight Private Equity Partners. It also operates Greenlight Capital Re, a property/casualty reinsurer. Unlike other funds, Greenlight does not use borrowed money, or leverage. The firm does not generate large trading volumes. In June 2008 there were 25 employees, including nine analysts and one trader. It occupies a single high floor of an office building near Grand Central, in New York City.

Last update 09/19/2023

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