Calavo Growers, Inc (CVGW) Dividend History

Calavo Growers, Inc. is an international consumer goods and farm products company. The company packages, and distributes avocados and other fruits, as well as their fresh prepared food to restaurants, stores, and individual customers worldwide. While the company is based in Santa Paula, California, avocado production is cultivated throughout the state of California, as well as Central and South America. Calavo Growers was established in 1924 as an agricultural cooperative and was instrumental in launching the California avocado industry. The company operates its business through three divisions including Fresh Products, Calavo Foods and Renaissance Food Group . The company has been listed on the America's Best Small Company list by Forbes. The company was assessed as a great value stock to pick by Zacks Investment Research. Calavo Growers, Inc. was founded on January 21, 1924, as the California Avocado Growers' Exchange. Due to overwhelming interest in the avocado, many California growers had planted avocado seeds that had originated in Mexico. Although slow to mature, by 1923 those avocado trees were producing a large enough crop to be marketed. The problem was the lack of a marketing outlet. The founders studied grower cooperatives that were doing well at the time such as the California Fruit Growers Exchange and adopted features that would work best for the avocado industry. In the first year, the California Avocado Growers Exchange packed the 18,000 lbs. of fruit that launched the California avocado industry. Shortly after, the growers exchange adopted the name Calavo as a brand. This was the result of a naming contest in which multiple entries were submitted combining the words "California" and "avocado". Calavo quickly became the brand name of high quality avocados. In the early 1930s, the cooperative increased its offerings to include limes, coconuts, kiwis, mangos and persimmons. Papayas were added in the late 1940s.

Last update 05/31/2023

Dividend Yield Summary

  2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Dividends 1.00 1.10 1.15 1.15 0.29 0.10
Average Price 93.22 88.30 65.96 60.00 37.66 30.23
Yield 1.07% 1.25% 1.74% 1.92% 0.77% 0.33%
• The above Dividend, Average Price, and Yield values for 2023 are year-to-date.

Dividend Dates

Ex Dividend Date 2023-03-23
Dividend Pay Date

DivInfo Metrics ™

52-Week Projected Earnings Per Share -0.30
52-Week Projected Dividends Per Share 0.39
Dividend Cover -0.77 : 1
52-Week Projected Yield 1.17%
52-Week Trailing Yield 1.14%
6-Year Average Yield 1.28%
6-Year Dividend Change -61.00%
6-Year Yearly Dividend Change -10.17%
Number of Dividend Payments (2002-11-13 - 2023-03-23) 22

Dividend History

Date Amount Per Share Note
2023-03-23 $0.10
2022-11-15 $0.29
2021-11-10 $1.15
2020-11-12 $1.15
2019-11-14 $1.10
2018-11-15 $1.00
2017-11-16 $0.95
2016-11-15 $0.90
2015-11-13 $0.80
2014-11-13 $0.75
2013-11-26 $0.70
2012-11-26 $0.65
2011-11-30 $0.55
2010-11-29 $0.55
2009-12-11 $0.50
2008-12-23 $0.35
2007-12-12 $0.35
2006-12-13 $0.32
2005-12-13 $0.32
2004-11-10 $0.30
2003-11-13 $0.25
2002-11-13 $0.20